River Citizen, it's safe to say, 2019 was a year of overflow on the Mississippi River and its tributaries. Record-breaking flooding in 2019 across the watershed leaves no doubt that the River must be respected. This past year was also another reminder that we are in a time of change. Our choices and actions today will have rippling impacts on the generations to come.

As we reflect on 2019, we remember the many highlights this year brought for 1 Mississippi and the River Citizen community. We hope you enjoy the last newsletter of 2019 - see you in 2020!


Nearly 20,000 River Citizens strong, we are a loud voice for the water, wildlife, land, and people of the Mississippi River. From armchairs to wading boots, River Citizens are people the River can count on. Together, we are 1 Mississippi. 

Read the full 1 Mississippi: 2019 River Citizen highlights blog here.


87,000+ people informed in 2019 on Reducing Nutrient Pollution; Protecting Floodplains and Wetlands

The 1 Mississippi program provides credible information on issues and opportunities facing the Mississippi River. 

In 2019, through in-person events, social media, and other communication channels, we informed 87,000+ people on strategies to reduce nutrient pollution and on the importance of floodplains and wetlands for a healthy Mississippi River.


ICYMI: Reflections from 2019 Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO


Group photo from the beginning of the Mississippi River Network's 2019 Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO. Photo credit: Sherry Taluc, Native Women's Care Center


The 1 Mississippi program is carried out by the Mississippi River Network (MRN) - a coalition of nearly 60 organizations working together to protect and care for the Mississippi River from Headwaters to Gulf.

This past November, the network convened in-person for three days in St. Louis, MO for the 2019 MRN Annual Meeting. Get up to speed with the recent blog sharing perspectives of the Annual Meeting from five MRN staff members!


Additional 2019 Highlights

May The River Be With You Podcast Launched

Jump on board the big muddy with your guide Mark "River" Peoples and feel the powerful, storied currents of the Mighty Mississippi River pull at your feet and open your imagination. "May The River Be With You" focuses on how the largest river in North America influences and impacts our culture, from arts and education to ecology and commerce. In each episode, we discuss how the River affects us all in unexpected ways while also featuring music, poetry, tales and myths inspired by the River itself.


1 Mississippi Website Revitalized

The revitalized www.1mississippi.org website is LIVE and designed to be accessible and 'filled between the banks' with Mississippi River related content. See what you think of our new look!


River-content achieves total reach of 402,375

1 Mississippi's social media channels 'opened the floodgates' in 2019 on providing Mississippi River-related content. It was a hit! In 2019, our contents' reach on social media was 402,375! That's a lot of Mississippi River in the social-spheres.

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