1 Mississippi transitioned into 2020 with our community officially 20,000 River Citizens strong! We live in many states, but we are all connected to each other through our mighty River. Photo Credit: John Ruskey.

River Citizen, as a River Citizen you have pledged to take action for the wellbeing of the land, water, wildlife, and people of the Mississippi River. Right now the River needs our support. Challenge yourself (and those around you) to take three additional actions to protect the Mississippi!

We commit to you, River Citizen to do our best to keep you in the loop on simple actions you can take. Let's take a lesson from the River this year, and learn how to better embrace our differences to become a unified and persistent force that erodes away inequalities and generates hope, life, and abundance. We'll see you out there!

Action Alert: Protect your community's voice; submit comment to protect NEPA

Since 1970, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) has empowered citizens and demanded government accountability on major projects such as constructing a dam, highway, or power plant. River Citizens, our voice is needed today to protect America's cornerstone law that ensures public input on federal projects that impact our health, our homes, and our environment.

The current administration has proposed rollbacks to NEPA that are shortsighted, irresponsible, and not in the interest of the wellbeing of the land, water, wildlife, and people of the Mississippi River nor future generations.

Fortunately, individuals and organizations around the country are mobilizing in defense of NEPA. For your convenience, 1 Mississippi has created a prepopulated comment form that goes directly to the federal council overseeing the proposed changes.

Please do not wait to submit a comment! It is an extremely short comment window (closes 3/10) and our elected officials need to hear from the people on this issue!


Simple Actions to Improve Water Quality 

The beautiful thing about water is that no matter where you live (in the Mississippi River Watershed or otherwise) you can take simple actions that promote clean water. In her recent blog, 1 Mississippi IL/MO outreach coordinator Kristen Mertz discusses water quality in the urban setting and simple ways you can make a difference.

For further ways to take action for clean water, thriving communities, healthy land, and wildlife wellbeing, please check out our 10 actions you can take. We all have a role in protecting and caring for our treasured Mississippi River, what's yours?

Drains to the River. Photo Credit: Vancouver Watersheds Alliance, Mother-daughter duo Racheal Stahlman and Sabra Morin.


Seeing Your Direct Connection to the River

We hear this all the time: ‘The Mississippi River is so big, how could I possibly make a difference?!’

The Mississippi's watershed (the total drainage area of the main stem plus its tributaries) drains about 1.2 million square miles or approximately 40% of the continental U.S. including all or parts of 32 states and two Canadian provinces. Photo credit: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio.


Yes, it is a BIG River! Yet, what if there are ways to scale this back so we can see our direct connection? 

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) recently launched a web-based 'story map tool' that allows users to click a location and trace the path stormwater takes to the Mississippi River. The path shows the time it takes to reach the River and the relative amount of pollution it will likely carry with it. Pretty neat, huh? MWMO hopes this tool helps people 'realize the impact that their own communities have on water quality'. The Iowa Flood Center has a similar interactive web-based 'raindrop flow tracker'.

Seeing your direct relationship to something as vast as the Mississippi River helps break down barriers and shows how your actions make a difference!


Upcoming River Events


  • When: March 13 - 15
  • Where: Madison, WI
  • About: Canoecopia is the largest paddlesports consumer event in the world and has over 180 educational seminars and clinics. 
  • 1 Mississippi will have a booth full of giveaways, advocacy opportunities, and our friendly and knowledgable outreach staff sharing about our River; come say hi!

Earth Day Events

  • When: The week around Earth Day - April 22nd
  • Where: Many events along the River
  • About: Get out there this Earth Day and make a differnece for the River! We will include many events from Mississippi River Network members on our 1 Mississippi events calendar. Check back soon! And be sure to follow 1 Mississippi on Facebook for opportunities.

MMZero: 2020 Mississippi River World Record Canoe Trip

  • When: Launching beginning of May
  • Where: Mississippi River - Headwaters to Gulf
  • About: The four-person team is setting off to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest time canoeing down the Mississippi. The expedition is partnering with 1 Mississippi to raise awareness of issues and solutions facing the River. 

River News


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