Dear River Citizen Community,

How are you holding up today? This is a scary and hard time right now, and things are not business as usual. There are any number of factors affecting us individually, as this pandemic sweeps across the globe. Yet, we are also all united in being impacted by this at once, and we are all united in being called to help.  I can’t help but think of a river analogy here, the lessons our mighty Mississippi shows us daily; that we are all part of a system, that everybody lives downstream, that currents ebb and flow. Being asked to stay home to protect our communities is an act of service for our downstream neighbors and helps our frontline workers who I am incredibly grateful for always and especially now.

During this time of uncertainty, I want you to know that 1 Mississippi is here, to continue to offer opportunities to learn about the River in a variety of ways virtually and to help support you as you live in these murky waters with the rest of the world. Please take a moment to fill out our brief survey so we can understand the different ways we can be of help to you now.

I do not know what is going to happen, but I do know that the only way out is through. I do know that human beings are resilient and caring. And I do know deeply that we will get through this together.

Take care and stay safe,

Kelly, Executive Director, Mississippi River Network

Everyone is having their own experience with Covid-19 and our 1 Mississippi staff simply wanted to reach out and offer our support, gratitude, and well-wishes to the River Citizen community. Thank you for responding to the survey of how we can offer support during this time!

Upcoming Virtual River Events

Lunch and Learn Series (Illinois Environmental Council)

  • When: Noon to 1 pm, Monday through Friday until April 10th 
  • Where: Online Webinar (free registration here)
  • About: Connect with leaders, experts, and other interested individuals via Zoom. Topics differ daily but include issues and opportunities facing our environment, food systems, infrastructure, and good governance.

Learn about the Mississippi River!

Live Quaranstream at the St. Louis Aquarium

  • When: 10 am every Monday/Wednesday/Friday until April 17th
  • Where: Facebook - link to St. Louis Aquarium event page
  • About: Take a dive with the St. Louis Aquarium as they explore a virtual tour of habitats including Shary Canyon, the Mississippi and Missouri River Confluence, our Ray habitat and more!

MMZero: 2020 Mississippi River World Record Canoe Trip

  • When: Launching beginning of May
  • Where: Mississippi River - Headwaters to Gulf
  • About: The four-person team is setting off to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest time canoeing down the Mississippi. The expedition is partnering with 1 Mississippi to raise awareness of issues and solutions facing the River. 

Are we connected?

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As a grassroots organization, we prioritize meeting people where they are. With 'stay-at-home' orders in effect across the country, we know meeting many of you where you are is online and through social media. So please go ahead, you are invited - follow 1 Mississippi on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Share your River photos on social media! This photo is from Pikes Peak State Park (Iowa) looking across the sprawling Mississippi River. Prairie du Chien, WI is situated on the far bank, while the Wisconsin River joins the Mississippi just downstream. Photo: Michael Anderson

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For the River,

Michael Anderson, 1 Mississippi newsletter curator

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