Ice floes on the January Mississippi River near Winona, MN. Photo: Michael Anderson

Ten Actions to Create a Healthier River in 2020

Friend, looking for simple actions you can take this year for the wellbeing of the water, land, wildlife, and people of the Mississippi River? Click here for 10 actions you can take.

From armchairs and wading boots, we protect our River by speaking up on its behalf and caring for it in simple ways that make a big difference.

Can the River count on you in 2020? Take one (or all) of these actions to create a healthier River.


Click the image for a better view of the 10 actions you can take to create a healthier Mississippi River.


Boundaries don't protect rivers, people do.

On January 23rd, the Environmental Protection Agency dramatically rolled back what water bodies of the United States are protected under our nation's premier water law, the Clean Water Act. The result? Estimates are 51% of the nation's wetlands, 18% of its streams, and countless other water bodies will no longer be protected by Clean Water Act pollution prevention, control, and cleanup requirements.

Instead of deepening our nation's commitments and efforts to protect clean water, this regulation sends us backward. We are at a crossroads in time where our choices today will greatly impact future generations. What legacy do you want to leave? Looking for a quick advocacy opportunity? Sign the petition. 


Honoring River Champion, Greg Poleski

As co-founder of the Greenway Network (a member organization of the Mississippi River Network), and a tireless advocate for America's rivers, Greg Poleski led by example and inspired a generation of river stewards. Greg passed on last week, and we send our best thoughts to all his loved ones. In honor of Greg, consider getting out to your nearest waterway or sharing a random act of kindness. You can read more about Greg's legacy in this St. Louis Post-Dispatch tribute.

We honor Greg Poleski (back row, orange t-shirt) and his legacy of stewardship for the rivers. Picture: 2016 MRN Annual Meeting, Twin Cities, MN Credit: Kelly McGinnis


Upcoming River Events

Flow: Journey Through the Mississippi River Watershed

  • When: January 18, 2020 - April 19, 2020
  • Where: Dubuque Museum of Art
  • About: Watershed Cairns mark the locations of watersheds, and where streams have been harmed or buried, with fragile glass cairns, which the artists then photograph and present as ‘waterscapes’.

Microplastics in the Mississippi River - Webinar

  • When: February 5th, 12 - 1 pm
  • Where: Online Webinar 
  • About: During the summer of 2019, undergraduate researcher, Maya Dizack kayaked the Mississippi River sampling for microplastic abundance. On this free webinar, she will be discussing her sampling design, results, and how this research plays a greater role in understanding the state of our environment and society.

Community Meeting on Floodplain Dumpsite

  • When: February 20th, 6 - 8 pm
  • Where: St. Paul, MN 
  • About: Join Friends of the Mississippi River and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to learn more about the past, present and future of Area C, Ford Motor Company's unpermitted river floodplain dumpsite.


  • When: March 13 - 15
  • Where: Madison, WI
  • About: Canoecopia is the largest paddlesports consumer event in the world and has over 180 educational seminars and clinics. 
  • 1 Mississippi will have a booth full of giveaways, advocacy opportunities, and our friendly and knowledgable outreach staff sharing about our River; come say hi!

January River News


In case you missed it:


Did you know?!

Where is the deepest point on the Mississippi River?

"At the Headwaters, the Mississippi is 3 feet deep; depths vary widely along the river. South of Cairo (Illinois), where the Ohio River joins the Mississippi, the river averages 50-100 feet deep. The deepest point along the river is at New Orleans (near Algiers Point) where it reaches 200 feet deep.

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